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Welcome to the hidden charm of Vietnam tourism.  Vietnam is a wonderful country to experience with the local people with 54 different ethnic groups. Topographically, Vietnam is a beautiful tapestry of soaring mountains, magnificent nature, primitive forests and jungles which are inhabited by exotic fauna and flora, winding streams and rivers, mysterious caves, huge rock formations and heavenly waterfalls.  It has magnificent beaches with many different water sports available throughout the country.

The Central Highlands has a cool climate and fertile deltas where many varied crops are grown, examples are coffee, tea, mulberry, cashew, black pepper and cotton plantations.  Silk farms are  also a highlight to visit in this area seeing the worms produce silk.
The highlands have many ethnic minority groups with different cultures, customs and tradition which we would love you to experience.

Whilst in Vietnam you not only experience the local people but you also experience the unique cultural and historical heritage.  Vietnam is an ideal choice for tourists in search of an exotic journey that can’t be found anywhere else.

A visit delves deep into the heart warming local hospitality and charm of the people and the picturesque sights of Vietnam. After experiencing many different civil wars and other conflicts it has evolved to be a land of many significant sights which these events have produced.  Today Vietnam is a peaceful country that has moved on and embraces tourism with enthusiasm.

We are based in Dalat and offer many tours throughout the countryside with to suit your requirements.  The tours are offered by professional and honest tour guides with good spoken English to make your trip a memorable lifetime experience.

Our website  offer valuable information to plan your trip of a lifetime in Vietnam.  We offer information to help plan your accomodation, local attraction and activities to experience.  A total stress release to make your holiday more enjoyable.

Thank you for your interest in exploring our website and we look forward to hearing from you.  For further information please contact us and we assure you that we will be able to offer a tour of a life time with great service at a reasonable price.

Come with us to unlock the treasures of Vietnam

Experienced English speaking guides and drivers

Jeep and big/comfortable motorbikes, clean and safe helmets

Provide motorbike for you to ride by yourself

Tour transport station : Motorbike, Car, Van, and Army Jeep ( Please choose the one you like)

PRICE:  $65 up to $125/person/day(depends on the Route you choose)

DISCOUNT :more than 3 persons and TOURS booked 3 months before starting

Please contact us for further information

E-mail : dalatbookingtours@gmail.com

Cellphone :  Dial from your country:+84938070234

Dial from Vietnam: 0938070234